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With the emergence of cloud technology, we believe business owners should focus on growing their business and outsource their accounting function to professionals who will help them manage their finances.

Most businesses are struggling in managing their transitional team which in turn costs them in taxes, cash flow and relationships. Lack of proper accounts reconciliations makes it difficult to identify errors which in turn cost businesses thousands.

At Kdb Consultancy, our unique approach will give you the opportunity to analyse and make informed decisions for future growth.

The outsourcing process is easy:

Step 1: You send us the information

This could be done by giving us secure access to your information.

Step 2: We prepare the information as per your instructions

Once the information is received, we will confirm the information and start processing or preparing the data. You will give us remote access to your cloud accounting software unless you want us to use our in-house software.

Step 3: We will send you the information

We will send you the information with back-up files and reports as per your instructions.

Information Required:

The information we will need from you will depend on the task in hand.

  • Banks Statements
  • Credit card statement and returns
  • Expense claims
  • Invoices
  • Credit notes
  • Purchase orders
  • Previous Year’s accounts
  • Any other relevant documents

As accountants we believe client relationship is paramount to the success of our business. We perform system audit and training and process review to ensure our clients’ processes are fit for purpose.

We pride ourselves in ensuring that our services are tailored to meet individual clients’ needs.

Outsource Services

Outsource Services

We provide cost effective accounting services for sole traders, small and medium size businesses using cloud based technology to provide real-time analysis and visibility. You will access your information on all your devices anywhere at anytime. Most systems are compatible with IOS and Androids.

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Contract Services

Contract Services

Are you looking for a temporary cover? We cover short term and long term contract services.

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System Implimentation & Process Improvement

System Implimentation & Process Improvement

Are you implementing a new system? We can assist with all system implementations and data migration. We work with specialist who can assist you in the planning process to make the transition easy and stress free.... Are you Struggling with your processes? If you are struggling with your accounting processes, we can review and re-design you process to ensure they are fit for purpose.

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